Stainless mounting plates-Barber Welding, Los AngelesAt Barber Welding & MFG. we are able to create and manufacture a wide range of products…heat exchanger coils, custom tube forming, fabricated pipe elbows, jigs, tooling, steel structures, tanks, pressure vessels, discharge heads, pump bases, machinery equipment, basket and cone strainers, weldments and so much more.

Our certified welders have a great deal of expertise, offering weld repair solutions to work and materials that would appear a tall order for other companies. With an extensive machine shop including CNC machining, rolling, forming and tube coiling capabilities we have the tools to more than meet the most difficult requirements.

We are experienced in a wide range of materials and grades; accommodating aluminum, stainless, copper, titanium and Inconel, among others. Whether from a forging, casting, plate or other forms of material our trained and certified staff will deliver a quality product.

Being a true job shop since 1943 we have assembled a group of reliable vendors for finishing processes such as plating, heat treat, certifying materials, laser coating, EDM and more. These relationships combined with our in-house capabilities and quality control department assure consistency with accurate, on-time delivery.

Our goal is to meet and exceed every customer’s expectation. Expert professionalism, precision craftsmanship and versatility along with a commitment to maintaining our customer’s proprietary technology are the hallmarks of our service